Rachel Crow Voted Off the X-Factor: Breaks Down Crying

December 9, 2011 By:
Rachel Crow Voted Off the X-Factor: Breaks Down Crying

Poor Rachel Crow, the 13-year-old powerhouse performer on The X Factor was voted off last night that left everyone, including the judges, surprised and upset.

Apparently, the American public wants all the little kids off the X-Factor as they voted off 14-year-old Drew and 15-year-old Astro last week.

After Crow was voted off the show, she burst into tears and fell to the ground. After the show, Crow admitted that she wasn’t “feeling the greatest” but she’ll “be fine.”

Crow was put into the bottom two when judge Nicole Scherzinger put the vote to a tie, basically making Crow and singer Marcus Canty go head-to-head and forcing America to choose only one.

Even though Simon wanted Canty off the show and even sneered at him, “You’re going home Marcus,” Simon defends Nicole’s position, saying she put the two to the America vote because she assumed Canty would be voted off and wanted it to seem as if at least one of the judges was rooting for him, but her plan backfired and Crow went home.

Simon Cowell told US Weekly why Scherzinger put Crow in the bottom two, “I think ironically what she was trying to do was let Marcus go with some dignity because she was attached to both of them. But there’s no question about it, if she thought Rachel would have been out she would have gone the other way.”

Crow admits she aint mad at Scherzinger either (even though it’s her fault Crow is gone…hey just sayin’!)

“[Scherzinger’s] the nicest, sweetest, most beautiful person, inside and out. She was crying and she was so sad,” says Crow, “It’s nobody’s fault. It’s just what God had in store for me and it’ll be okay.”

All this being said, it was pretty dramatic when Host Steve Jones announced that Rachel Crow was going home. Crow screamed, collapsed to the floor, started yelling for her mom, while Simon and LA Reid rushed the stage while Scherzinger sat back sobbing into her hands while Paula pet her arm. Later, Scherzinger did take the stage and was booed!

Even with all the drama, Crow choked out some sad words for the audience.

“I just love you so much everybody for voting for me, even though you didn’t,” admits Crow.

Ouch, audience. Where were you when Crow needed those votes? Huh?

Crow adds, “I hope this is not me ending, you know what, I know it’s not.”