Get Your 'X Factor' On: Austin Auditions Underway

May 24, 2012 By:
Get Your 'X Factor' On: Austin Auditions Underway

Austin is known as a city with musical depth and history. So it just makes sense that Simon Cowell would want to tap into that repertoire for Season 2 of “X Factor.”

The show made its first audition stop in the Texas city on Thursday. Over 5,000 people showed up at the Erwin Center hoping for a shot at stardom, or simply for a shot at meeting Britney Spears.

The 30-year-old singer along with actress/singer Demi Lovato join L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell to complete the fresh, new judges panel. Both of the recent additions seem eager for their first day at work.

“I'm so excited for the auditions today!!!! It's my first day... woo hoo!! Who's coming??!!” Lovato tweeted.

Britney backed the enthusiasm.

“So excited to be going to Austin this week for @TheXFactorUSA auditions! Will I see any of y'all there on Thurs or Fri?” she tweeted.

I hope their feedback to contestants is a little more diverse.

Britney showed up in a hot (in more ways than one) pink form-fitting dress, while Demi stuck to a casual, Forever 21 look with a black leather jacket and lime green summer dress.

According to Austin 360, “X Factor” hopefuls were drawn to the Texas two-day audition from Kansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, as well as Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Advancing contenders will move on to the following round, also being held in Austin, before they can be compete in Los Angeles.

“I love to sing,” one contestant named George Courtright told Austin 360. “I’m just going to go in, smile and be crazy. A ‘yes’ would be great but, if not, I’ll get over it.”

Others held signs, expressed their passion for music, or simply waited in line in prayerful silence.

“X Factor” will make additional audition stops in Kansas City, Greensboro, Providence, and San Francisco.

Good luck everyone!