First Official Photo Of 'X Factor' Judges Doin' Their Thing

May 25, 2012 By:
First Official Photo Of 'X Factor' Judges Doin' Their Thing

"The X Factor" official Twitter account has tweeted out a photo of the four "X Factor" judges and they look great!

Britney Spears looks flawless, but that could just be thanks to the wonders of Instagram. Demi Lovato looks cute in her little top-knot bun. LA Reid is making a bizarre frowny face and Simon Cowell is leaning into Britney in a faux “we’re friendly” manner.

But overall, the judges looked natural and happy and I’m getting super excited for the season to start.

“The first view of the #xfactor judges table with @SimonCowell @britneyspears @ddlovato & @LA_Reid! #wtxf.”

What does the hashtag #wtxf mean? What The X Factor?

The best part of the photo is the fact that some of the Twitter followers who made comments had no idea that Britney Spears was a judge. Someone wrote, “Britney spears?? Really??? Crap. Bring back NICOLE!!!”

Someone else wrote, “Who is Demi? I’ve never heard of her!”

Where have you been for the past four months? Under a giant rock called “American Idol?” Probably.

Last night there were rumblings that Britney had walked off the set of "The X Factor" during their first day of auditions in Austin, Texas! Relax, she just took a quick break and returned to the judges panel soon enough.