Wyclef Jean's Volunteer Shot Dead in Haiti

January 30, 2010 By:
Wyclef Jean's Volunteer Shot Dead in Haiti

Wyclef Jean was forced to deal with another tragedy while attempting to help Haitians--a volunteer of his was shot dead in a car jacking last week.

A volunteer named Jo Jo from his Yele Haiti Foundation went to Haiti with Wyclef hoping to lend a hand to those who had lost loved ones, their homes and much more, he ended up losing his own life. So tragic!

He explains, "Jo Jo was shot and killed on the second day we were there. He was the victim of a car-jacking. I left him alone for two hours and he was driving in the city.

"A guy stopped him and told him to get out of the car. No one knows quite what happened next but he was shot twice and killed instantly. The jacker didn't even want the car, he just wanted to take the fuel."
And Jean is adamant he will never be able to forget the horrific scenes he witnessed.

He says, "It looked like the apocalypse - there were bodies everywhere. It's a sight that will stay with me for ever. It's something you just can't put into words. I filmed everything with a video camera because I was convinced people would not believe what we told them."

So tragic! Our hearts and prayers go out to his family!