Wyclef in Hiding After Receiving Death Threats

August 18, 2010 By:
Wyclef in Hiding After Receiving Death Threats
Wyclef Jean’s run for the presidency of Haiti may prove a little tougher than he imagined. According to reports, the singer is receiving death threats over his decision to run. According to the AP, he is now in hiding.

Wyclef says he’s running in order to put a stop to "the corruption that's been going on for the past 200 years."

But whether or not Wycelf will even be legally allowed to run is up to the electoral commission of Haiti. Candidates must have lived in Haiti for five straight years before an election, but Jean says his 2007 appointment as a roving ambassador exempts him from the residency requirement.

This follows criticism from actor Sean Penn, who has also been involved in rebuilding Haiti since the earthquake. He questions Wyclef’s intentions, as well as his credentials.

There is no word on Wyclef’s current whereabouts, but the threats instructed him to leave the country immediately, so he may have left temporarily. Story developing…