Wyclef Dances With Dirty Girls At Super Bowl XLII

February 2, 2008 By:
Wyclef Dances With Dirty Girls At Super Bowl XLII

Hollyscoop is in Scottsdale, Arizona where Super Bowl madness has taken over the city. Last night we hit the 944 bash where Wyclef Jean took the stage to perform. 50 Cent was the performer the night before and to get the crowd going, Wyclef screamed, “They said 50 cent was here yesterday, they had a blast, I guess they’ve saved the best for last.”

Wyclef was definitely in the mood to get the party started and was upset when he saw one patron sitting in the crowd. That’s when Wyclef walked off stage and told the party pooper, “How you going to be sitting down at a Wyclef concert.” In front of hundreds of people Wyclef told the man to either get up and dance or get out and took his glass and drank his drink. What was the drink? Trump Vodka, which is Donald Trump's latest venture and we must say it taste super good.

Wyclef later asked all the “dirrrttty” ladies to get up on stage and “shake their thang”. When one girl tried to get up on stage, Wyclef shouted, “please if you weigh two hundred pounds don’t come up here.” It was a sad scene when the girl had to do her walk of shame off stage. I bet that poor girl’s weekend is ruinied.

The 30 girls on stage acommpanying Wyclef must not have been good enough for him, because he ended up pulling a Kim Kardashian look-a-like he spotted from the crowd.

This was our first time seeing Wyclef perform live and he was amazing. His entire goal was to get everyone in the audience to dance, and it definitely worked. Check out the video of his performance below.