Worst Dressed List!

March 6, 2006 By:
Worst Dressed List!

After a long deliberation, Hollyscoop can now announce the worst dressed list for the Oscars. We first start off with Helena Bonham Carter, now as we said before its all about the hair “up do's” but we think Helena took the trend too far. Helena a word of advice, easy on the hair spray sista, we all love volume but your hair is out of control and the dress is a little off.

The next fashion victim surprised us, we love her and think she is the most gorgeous human being alive. She always wears the hottest outfits and it was really difficult for us to put her on this list, however this is a dirty job and someone’s got to do it. Charlize did a fashion NO NO! Don’t put a bow on your shoulder the size of your head, the look was very eighties and for a second, I thought the bow was an actual parrot. But we have to give the goddess some credit, this chick can wear a potato sack and still pull it off!

Another disappointment was Nicole Kidman. Nicole has a statuette figure and always looks spectacular, this was not the case at this year Oscars. Her hair was flat and frizzy, her dress made her look pale. Don’t wear a nude dress without hitting mystic tanning!

The next fashion don’t, makes us a victim for watching. Dolly Parton is a living legend and is all about country. Its hard seeing her do couture with the high slits, sequence and nude colors. Dolly honey, if it doesn’t fit you gotta acquit!

And the Hollyscoop worst dressed award goes to Zandra Rhodes, we are speech less and refuse to comment! Zandra what were you thinking?