Woody Harrelson Plans To Starve Himself

May 27, 2008 By:
Woody Harrelson Plans To Starve Himself

Young starlets starving themselves isn't uncommon in Hollywood, but
grown men doing it is a little strange. Woody Harrelson plans on going to a remote island for forty days and starving himself. And he's not even doing it for a movie role. He just wants to see how it affects
his brain.

Woody says, "I know it's going to be really hard. But can you imagine it? Eating nothing for 40 days? Swimming and surfing every day in a remote place? Where does the mind go?"

We get hungry after a workout, let alone forty days of it with no
sustenance. Hopefully if he goes through with it, Woody will bring a
pal with him to make sure he doesn't die!