Woody Harrelson Attacks Photographer

April 9, 2009 By:
Woody Harrelson Attacks Photographer

Woody Harrelson pulled a Kanye today and attacked a photographer! It all went down yesterday afternoon when a TMZ paparazzo started asking Woody questions. And Woody answered him alright…in the form of a punch!

It all started with the pap following Woody down the escalator in the airport, asking him how his flight was. Woody refused to look in his direction, turning his head completely away from him. But that didn’t stop the photog. He went on to follow him outside, asking if Woody was wearing “hemp pants.”

But after trying to squeeze in one more question to ask what was bothering him so much, Woody walked up to him and punched him! The photographer tried to explain that what he did was considered assault.

Woody apparently made off with the guy’s camera. So then the photographer followed him asking him to return his property, which he did, but then started attacking the photog again.

The weird thing is that the photographer kept egging him on, telling him not to touch him, and reminding him that what he did was considered assault. The guy was so annoying we almost don’t blame Woody for hitting the guy out of frustration. But he should have just ignored him and hopped into a cab. The whole situation would have been solved!

This isn’t Woody’s first altercation with a pap. He got into it with another TMZ cameraman back in 2006. To see the full video of the fight, click HERE.