Too Much Xantax for Winona?

November 20, 2008 By:
Too Much Xantax for Winona?

So it looks like the mystery illness that struck Winona Ryder was a case of too many happy pills.

As you recall Winona had to rushed to the hospital yesterday after she became ill during a fight to the UK yesterday. The pilot was forced to make a priority landing 22 minutes before the expected landing time.

According to, Winona reportedly had her stomach pumped at Hillingdon Hospital, West London after accidentally taking too many Xanax pills.

Her rep confirmed: "She did fall ill on a flight and as a precautionary measure, was taken to a hospital. She was there maybe an hour and was released. The bottom line is she is in good health."

One passenger said: "She turned a deathly shade of pale. It was scary." Another source added: "There was a massive commotion. Everyone on board was stunned and you could tell the cabin crew were worried."

She used to be such a great actress, it's sad that the only thing she makes headlines for now is stealing and overdoses.