Wilmer Valderrama Will "Shock the World" With New Music Career

December 6, 2012 By:
Wilmer Valderrama Will

Wilmer Valderrama is A LOT of things: actor, Hollywood romeo, director, but did you know he’s got a secret burgeoning music career that is about to “shock the world?!”

Back in 2011, Wilmer released a song “The Way I Fiesta” and it kind of slipped under the radar. Well, he’s back for round two with an ultra secret “music project.”

“I’m actually doing a music project with a bunch of amazing producers and releasing my first musical project,” Wilmer told Hollyscoop at the Raising The Bar To End Parkinson’s event in Los Angeles last night, “I’m doing an album and releasing my first song right before new years eve, so its coming around the corner too.”

We asked him what kind of music he’s making. Pop? Rock? Dubstep? I don’t know!

He only tells us he’s working on a “new sound” with a bunch of his favorite producers and writers.

However, he did describe his genre of music as “stadium music,” saying “I call it stadium music because it feels like a movie and it’s very theatrical and as an actor I can gravitate more towards that sound.”

The song will drop at the end of this month, he’s planning to release a music video in January. Get excited, this could be the equivalent of Will SMith's music career 2.0!