Will Smith Lays The Smackdown On Reporter

May 18, 2012 By:
Will Smith Lays The Smackdown On Reporter

Will Smith doesn’t just throw down in action movies. He does it in real life too!

The actor pushed and slapped a Ukrainian reporter on the red carpet at the Moscow premiere of Men In Black 3 after the reporter leaned over a barrier and tried to kiss Smith on the lips.

Smith initially embraced the reporter in an unexpected hug. The reporter then continued to kiss Smith on the cheeks and then tried for a shot at the lips before Smith pushed him away.

“Hey man, what the hell is your problem?” Will said.

Smith proceeded to push the reporter and gave him a backhand slap across the face.
“He tried to kiss me on my mouth!” Smith continued. “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him.”

(Based on his weak slap, I doubt it’s much to worry about.)
After a confused and irritated moment, Smith regained his cool and proceeded to field questions and sign autographs.

TMZ reports that the lip bandit makes a habit of kissing celebrities as part of his on camera stories. Apparently, it’s kind of his thing.

Though it’s unclear from the video, a source told TMZ that the reporter did manage to get a little lip action. Their mouths brushed for a brief mouth of comedy bliss, causing the actor to react the way he did.