VIDEO: Will Smith Raps "Fresh Prince" Style At Party

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VIDEO: Will Smith Raps
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Will Smith was at actress Gabrielle Union’s birthday party in Hollywood (side note: Gabrielle just turned 40! I thought she was like 27!?) and as a birthday gift to his good pal Gabrielle, Will performed a couple rap songs!


Happy Birthday Gabrielle, I hope you like the rap stylings of 1992!


Will started out with a freestyle rap that seemed less freestyle and more prepared, because of crowd-pleasing lines like this,


“I’m thinking about taking the ‘H’ and ‘O’ out of Hollywood

, adding an ‘W’ and an ‘I’ and making it ‘Willywood.’ Crazy thing is, if I want to, I really could.”


It’s arguably a very silly line, but the crowd went nuts! OMG WILLYWOOD HE’S SO FAMOUS, I GET IT!


Will also had some confusing lyrics that seemed to go over well with the pretty drunk partygoers:


“They key to staying in Trimville, I just watch it burn while your chest burn. If you say you’re gonna run 3 miles and only run 2, I don’t ever have to worry about losing it, nothing to you.”


Uhmm, ok? I don’t really get it, but hey it’s freestyle, right?


He then rapped “Summertime,” his old 1991 jam, which the entire audience seemed to remember and love. Must have been before my time?


And of course, no Will Smith impromptu rap session would be complete without the theme song to “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”


And while I imagine Will probably hates rapping this song after all these years, he tackled the song like his life depended on it.


The song actually cut off before the lines, “West Philadelphia born and raised…” and Will just kept rapping before confusingly blurting out “ohh ok, we done?”


Then veteran rapper Doug E. Fresh (also a scientologist) took to the mic and did some REAL rapping.