Reporter Who Kissed Will Smith: 'I'm Sorry'

May 24, 2012 By:
Reporter Who Kissed Will Smith: 'I'm Sorry'

He’s been called many things… “The red carpet kiss bandit,” “The reporter who was slapped by Will Smith,” and probably a heck of a lot of other things by Smith himself. But after all the press attention, Vitalli Sediuk now goes on the record as “apologetic.”

Sediuk made all sorts of headlines last week when he moved in for a kiss with Smith at a red carpet event in Moscow. Smith reacted by shoving him away. But the Ukrainian reporter says the whole incident was blown out of proportion.

In an interview with Hip Hollywood, Sediuk said he was not trying to kiss Smith on the lips.

“I just tried to kiss him in the cheek and he moved his head so fast,” Sediuk said. “Then it turns out that I wanted kiss him in the mouth or in the ear. It was chaotic.”

Sediuk explained that Will Smith is someone that he deeply respects and described the incident as an “emotional impulse.” He simply wanted to do something to “impress him.”

According to Sediuk, "Slavic tradition" makes kissing a man perfectly reasonable and he doesn't understand why it's all that shocking to begin with.

After all, Will Smith kissed David Letterman on the talk show host’s late night show.

With some distance now from the incident, Sediuk is sorry for the way everything went down and publicly apologized for his actions.

“After having the opportunity to think and analyze everything that has happened, I do apologize for my behavior,” said Sediuk. “I think it was too much. Now I understand that it was too much.”

Sediuk insists that he did not pull the stunt for fame. The reporter hopes that he and Smith can meet again soon for a proper interview, and if that ever happens, he promises to stick to a simple handshake.