Men in Black Postponed Again

October 12, 2010 By:
Men in Black Postponed Again

Will Smith has been working on 'Men in Black 3' but production has been halted because of rumors of a clash over the script.

The movie went into preproduction last month and has already been shut down twice because of arguments between Smith, the director and the producers, reports Page Six.

“'Men in Black 3' has gone on hiatus again, this time for two weeks, after having shut down for a week and started back up. Smith, Sonnenfeld and the producers have been fighting. The start date for filming had already been put off," a source said.

Sony is insisting that there are no arguments and that the reason for the delay is because of the state of New York.

A Sony Pictures rep told us, "The only reason production will begin in mid-November as opposed to late October is to take advantage of recent changes affecting New York State film incentives. Suggesting that a disagreement triggered the shift is complete fiction."

It's not the first time Will Smith has had issues on set. Something tells us that he has some serious control issues, but that's probably the reason he's so successful.