Jada Pinkett Smith Gets Frisky With Will Smith

May 18, 2010 By:
Jada Pinkett Smith Gets Frisky With Will Smith

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been married for some time now but they have the secret to keep the spark alive in their marriage.

Jada revealed that she sends her husband naughty photos of herself in order to keep it sexy in between them.

The happy couple has been married for 12 years now and they think that you need to make an effort to keep it interesting.

Will and Jada appeared together on Oprah and when the talk show queen asked how they keep their relationship alive Jada responded, "Keep it spontaneous. I surprise him. He's a thinker. He's always thinking. I just, I always surprise him…Now I don't know if you want to get in on how I surprise him…

"During the day I might send a sexy picture of some sort…If he's on set with me, we might take a break."

Let's just hope they don't lose their phones because being a celebrity we would imagine they wouldn't risk having naughty things on their cell phone in fear of getting lost.