Will Ferrell Says Anchorman 2 Will Happen

July 28, 2009 By:
Will Ferrell Says Anchorman 2 Will Happen

We’ve been talking about the possibility of an Anchorman sequel for over a year now. Rumors have been circling ever since director Adam McKay, who is also a good friend of Will Ferrell’s, said they both want to do it. Them and the rest of the world!

Well, now it’s closer to becoming a reality. According to the Associated Press, Will is desperate to do a follow-up to the original. He’s been in talks to bring back his character for the sequel.

He said recently, "The odds are good. We're going to talk to all the guys next week - Steve Carrell, Paul Rudd and everybody else - to see if it's feasible to do it, because everybody's at different places right now, with totally different schedules.”

"Hopefully we can start filming in a couple of years."

We don’t like the part about “a couple of years,” but beggers can’t be choosers! Hopefully the whole cast will reunite for this one, and it’ll be worth the wait.