Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis' Hilarious Campaign For 'The Campaign'

July 18, 2012 By:
Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis' Hilarious Campaign For 'The Campaign'

In case you haven’t heard, Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis star opposite one another in the new movie The Campaign which tells the story of an unopposed southerner (Ferrell) running for a seat in congress when he is suddenly opposed for the first time by a soft spoken weirdo (Galifianakis).

To promote the film, the two actors have kicked off their own real life campaign.

Hollyscoop talked to the films stars about the movie, Galifianakis’ engagement (“Hangover” status bachelor party?), and why Anchorman sucked (Ferrell’s words, not ours!).

Of course we plan on seeing this film, but Ferrell tells us why HE would watch their new political flick at their Whistle Stop Tour at The Grove in Los Angeles.

“I think [you should see this movie] because it stars the hilarious Zach Galifianakis. It’s very timely, it will be a nice diversion from the bombardment of listening to politics in a serious way and it’s very colorful.”

To which Mr. Galifianakis follows up with, “Yeah, there are a lot of good colors in it and a lot of good jokes.”

Colors? Check. Jokes? Check. The Campaign has it all!

The film aims to poke fun at how ridiculous actual political campaigns have become in recent years, or as Ferrell puts it, “I think people will appreciate that we are shining a spotlight on how crazy this stuff has gotten with campaigning.”

Last time we checked, Galifianakis had gotten secretly engaged and is planning on getting married on August 11! Can we expect a "Hangover” type bachelor party for Galifianakis?

“Wait, you’re engaged,” Ferrell asks his co-star.

Of course Galifianakis stayed mum on the subject saying, “I don’t talk about personal stuff” so Ferrell chimed in, “[but] he does like to party, but who doesn’t.”

When we told the two dudes that we’re excited to see their movie, Zach deadpans, “That is the opposite of a party.”

Before we left, we had to ask Ferrell what’s going on with Anchorman 2 and what the audience can expect from the new sequel!

“Well, we’re skipping Anchorman 3,” Ferrell jokes, “This time around, I’d like to see better catering on set, the last movie we had horrible catering.”

Zach, who has never been in Anchorman 1 OR 2, pipes in, “We are just really excited to be doing Anchorman 2,” to which Ferrell laughs, “Zach’s not in the movie.”

The Campaign hits theaters on August 10, 2012.