Forbes Reveals The Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood

November 5, 2010 By:
Forbes Reveals The Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood

When you think of Will Ferrell you think 'funny guy' right? Well the studios don't think his bad streak of movies is a laughing matter.

He was just named the Most Overpaid Actor in Hollywood by Forbes magazine. That can't be good for his rep.

Who else made the list? Couch jumping Tom, Oscar winner Denzel and one leading lady. Check out the list below...

Will Ferrell: Funny man Will Ferrell gets $15 million a movie, but the studios that pay him barely break even. And sometimes they don't even do that! Last year Will stared in Land of the Lost, which cost an estimated $100 million to make and earned only $69 million. Basically for every $1 Will made, the studio only made $3.35. That's no bueno! And we hear he's a major diva on set too!

Eddie Murphy: Two words: Meet Dave. Enough said!

Denzel Washington: Sure he's an Oscar winner, but for some reason people just aren't flocking to the theaters to watch Denzel's movies. He's giving the studio $5.10 for every dollar he makes.

Seth Rogen: He may be hilarious, but the studios aren't laughing about how much return they're getting with Seth. His latest The Judd Apatow-produced film Funny People cost $75 million to make and earned only $71 million at the box office. For every $1 Rogen was paid, his movies earned $6.75.

Tom Cruise: He used to be the biggest movie star on the planet, and then he jumped on Oprah's couch. For every $1 Cruise is paid, his films earned an average $7.20.

Drew Barrymore: Who doesn't love Drew? She's made a few bad choices lately, but overall, Drew's lovely on screen! I'd pay to watch her for two hours. For every $1 Barrymore was paid, her films earned an average $7.45.

Matt Damon: Popeater said it best when they said, "When Matt Damon does a Jason Bourne movie, he's worth every penny. Every other time? Not so much." For every $1 Damon gets paid, his films earn an average $8.30.

Vince Vaughn: Despite the fact that Vince is on this list, you just can't go wrong with him. He's hilarious, and you know you love watching him! For every $1 Vaughn was paid, his films earned $8.35.

Adam Sandler: Adam hit it big with Grown Ups but Funny People ruined his average. For every $1 Sandler was paid, his films earned an average $8.45.

Jim Carrey: The Number 23 and Fun With Dick and Jane are two movies Jim probably wishes he never made. They totally ruined his game! For every $1 Carrey was paid, his films earned $8.60.