Hugh Jackman's Teary Confession

November 22, 2006 By:
Hugh Jackman's Teary Confession

If you get disgusted easily please skip through this story. Hugh Jackman has an odd way of preparing for intense roles that involve tears. He reportedly pulls out his own pubic or nose hair before the scene to inflict pain in order to get teary eyed.

The actor didn't always do this and admitted he used to struggle with teary scenes. He took actor Geoffrey Rush's advice for inflicting pain upon himself just before it's time to shoot.

He explains, "I remembered a great story from Geoffrey Rush, who had to cry in a scene in a play, so he was experimenting with different ways.

"Finally, near the end, just before he'd walk out on stage, he used to pluck out a couple of nose hairs and he'd get that first moment of a tear and then he'd go on and start crying.

"It's very technical and it works! Try it at home. Pubes work even better!"

He used this technique for one scene in the movie "The Fountain." Now that's all I am gonna be thinking about when I watch that movie. Eww!