Whoopi's Mother Passes Away

September 7, 2010 By:
Whoopi's Mother Passes Away

Just days after Whoopi Goldberg's mother suffered from a severe stroke, she's passed away.

Whoopi pulled out of the London production of Sister Act after her mom, Emma, suffered a stroke on the August 27th, and she announced today on The View that two days after the stroke, she lost her mother.

“My mom passed on the 29th of August,” Whoopi said. “She was one of the best people I think I’ve had the privilege of knowing. I don’t think she quite realized how many lives she touched. She was an extraordinary woman.

“And really, my brother and I were very, very lucky to have her in our lives. And so, I’m not sad because she had a great time…

She added, “I think I’m just sad sometimes because I think who will love me the way that she did? But I realized that my brother and I have each other so we’re okay.”

So sad! Our condolences to Whoopi and her family.