Whoopi: The View Saved Me Financially

June 5, 2009 By:
Whoopi: The View Saved Me Financially

Whoopi Goldberg got The View back on its feet after Rosie O'Donnell left the show. But she owes the ABC talk show just as much credit as they owe her, because it saved her financially.

Whoopi hadn’t been doing much in the line of show business since the 90s before the daytime gig came along. After doing Sister Act, Whoopi went through a major dry spell, and was once so strapped for cash she almost had to file for bankruptcy.

Whoopi says, "Sometimes there is no choice. Often times people forget that sometimes you're a star and then things dry up and you still have to feed your family and these people have had everything at their feet. Suddenly there is nowhere for them to get a gig, no one will hire them."

Today, speaking to the ABC execs that got her the gig, Whoopi admitted on the show, "I'm talking to you this way because I have lived this, where you're begging people, please let me audition for you.”

She added that if The View hadn't called when it did, “I would have (been broke) and I'm not ashamed to say I need help."

It’s so nice to hear that Whoopi hasn’t forgotten the little people! So many celebrities get so caught up in their careers that they forget where they got started.