Whoopi Goldberg Farts At Least Twice on the View

May 27, 2011 By:
Whoopi Goldberg Farts At Least Twice on the View

It was bound to happen. They’ve finally run out of stuff to talk about on The View and the show has resorted to a Whoopi Goldberg fart parade.

I love Whoopi as much as the next person who remembers Ghost, but she’s a little too open about her digestive and urinary problems for my taste.

To be fair, Dr. Oz was the show’s guest, and he asked everyone in the cast and audience if they’d passed gas since the show started. It was a little inappropriate, but honestly, Dr. Oz discussing farts is a welcome change to hearing about cancer, or blood pressure or whatever other old people stuff he talks about.

Whoopi shot her hand up, then proclaimed, “there’s more room out than in!” Maybe I’m just perverted, but that sounds like an allusion to anal sex to me, and judging by the look on Barbara Walter’s face, that’s exactly what it was.

Hold on. Okay, sorry, I just had to rethink my entire life after realizing it's boiled down to writing about farts. I'm actually pretty okay with it.

Sitting next to Whoopi, Walters looked completely disgusted, while Dr. Oz embraced her a little too closely, basically giving her a full-on physical right there on the couch.

Having been featured in several ads about pissing her pants, Whoopi is not exactly shy about things people should be shy about. She’s the spokesperson for Poise, a feminine napkin for women with bladder control problems.

Shortly after Barbara’s reaction, Whoopi claimed to have ripped another one. I’ve always loved this show. Stay tuned for more hot topics.