'X-Factor's' Stacy Francis Reveals Whitney Houston's Jealous Fit of Rage

February 15, 2012 By:
'X-Factor's' Stacy Francis Reveals Whitney Houston's Jealous Fit of Rage

More detials are emerging about Whitney Houston's mental state in the days leading up to her death. And just hours before her death, she was reportedly flipping out on Stacy Francis, the star of 'X-Factor'.

"She was out of control," Stacy said. Houston was also reportedly on pills, champagne and tequila, which propelled her into a jealous fit of rage when she saw her on/off boyfriend, Ray J, talking to Francis. “She put her hand in my face. She was screaming at me and called me a bitch. She just went crazy – like Jekyll and Hyde," Stacy said.

“I turned to look at her and she pushed my forehead and turned my face away. I grabbed her hand and said, ‘Please don’t do this. You’re everything to me. You’re my idol, you’re a legend.’"

The two were both in attendance at a Grammy Awards party at Tru nightclub in Hollywood. Stacy and Whitney were both performing a tribute to Etta James. Whitney reportedly saw Ray-J go congratulate Stacy on 'X-Factor," and that's when the late legend got jealous and flew into a fit of rage.

“Whitney came running over and said, ‘You know Ray’s my baby? Yeah, I’m a cougar girl!’ I said, ‘Whitney, I love you baby. It’s not like that. Calm down, you’re causing a scene.’"

Whitney was photographed leaving the nightclub that night looking disheveled, angry, and with blood dripping down her leg.

"I don’t think Whitney understood," Stacy continued. "I was with a date. It wasn’t what she thought, but then Ray’s friend stepped between us and I heard Ray telling Whitney that I was a friend of the family."