Whitney Houston's Hotel Room Already Reoccupied

February 15, 2012 By:
Whitney Houston's Hotel Room Already Reoccupied

The Beverly Hilton hotel room where Whitney Houston passed away is already booked for the “foreseeable future,” according to reports.

Whitney stayed in Room 434 at the famous Beverly Hills hotel, and people have been flooding the place with phone calls asking to book the room. According to TMZ, the room is already back in rotation and someone is using it only three days after the tragedy has occurred.

A hotel reservations agent confirmed with TMZ that people have been calling incessantly to book the room, but it’s fully booked for the “foreseeable future.” There is no known date of when the room will be free.

Meanwhile, Whitney’s funeral is set to take place on Saturday. “We are all hurting,” Pastor Joe Carter of New Hope Baptist Church in Newark told CNN on Tuesday. “That voice is silenced. But she left us with so much.”
The funeral is of course invitation-only, and it will begin noon Saturday at that church. Carter says it will be a “small” service, and the pastor says he expects “all these empty pews to be filled with people whose hearts are broken.”

"She was able to leave us with so many wonderful memories of that God-given gift," he said. "That's what we are celebrating on Saturday."

It was previously rumored that there would be a large scale memorial in Newark, but the city spokesperson shut down the rumors, and funeral director at the Whigham Funeral Home told city officials that they family did not want a big memorial to take place.