Whitney Houston's Doctors To Be Interviewed Over Prescriptions

February 15, 2012 By:
Whitney Houston's Doctors To Be Interviewed Over Prescriptions

Investigators are reportedly following every possible lead they have in order to figure out exactly what caused Whitney Houston's death. Part of that means interviewing Whitney's doctors over what types of medications she was prescribed.

"We've already contacted a number of doctors with requests for records," Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told the Associated Press. He added that seeking the records is common in such cases.

The doctors are allegedly going to be interviewed and questioned next week so that investigators can piece together who gave the singer what kind of prescriptions.

“Subpoena power is one of the wonderful tools an investigator uses to get information from pharmacies and doctors,” added Dave Campbell, a retired captain from the coroner's office.

“You're primarily seeking documents, not the persons who treated or prescribed, because you are doing a death investigation, not a criminal investigation.”

Most people are hesitant to infer that Whitney's death involved drugs. Others are out rightly saying it, a la Celine Dion. Regardless, police found bottles of six different types of prescription drugs in the suite of the Beverly Hilton hotel where Whitney passed away. Among those drugs included Xanax, which Whitney's friends and family confirmed she was prescribed. One family member source even said that Whitney takes a Xanax before each performance.

Campbell added: “You saw a lot of this in the Michael Jackson case and I'm sure it will be useful in this incidence.”

Investigators are also to count the tablets in each bottle and compare them with the date of prescription to see if the person was taking the correct dosage.