Whitney Houston to Appear on X Factor

October 8, 2009 By:
Whitney Houston to Appear on X Factor

Whitney Houston will be making her first television appearance in the UK in 12 years. Leave it to Simon Cowell to get her back on TV! According to the BBC, Whitney will appear on the hit talent show on October 18th, which is the day before the UK release of her comeback record I Look To You.

I Look To You, which went to number one in the US album chart with 305,000 sale, is Whitney’s first studio album since 2002. Whitney says, “It should be a fun night. I am a fan of Simon Cowell’s and look forward to meeting him.”

Also appearing on X Factor this season are Robbie Williams and Amy Winehouse. In related news, it’s being reported that Whitney’s recent interview with Oprah was full of lies. Sources close to her say, “It looked like Whitney had been coached before she went on camera. She talked in an odd whisper and was tripping over her own lies.”

Another source says, “Whitney’s interview with Oprah was just a fraud. I think Whitney was lying through her teeth.”

Well this will be her chance to redeem herself!