Whitney Houston Countersuing Her Stepmother Over Mortgage

April 8, 2009 By:
Whitney Houston Countersuing Her Stepmother Over Mortgage

Whitney Houston is suing her stepmother Barbara Houston for $1.6 million. She claims Houston owes her the money for failing to make payments on her condo in NJ where she’s lived since 1987.

Barbara began the legal battle since last year when she accused Whitney of keeping money from her husband John’s $1 million life insurance policy after he died in 2003.

Whitney was supposed to use $723,000 of the money to pay off the remaining mortgage on her father's condominium. It was supposedly her dad's wish to do so.

But now Whitney says she provided her father with a mortgage loan to purchase the condo and was still owed most of the principal and all the interest when he died. And she says her mom owes her money for not paying her mortgage all these years! What a mess!

It’s not like Whitney needs the money, so why doesn’t she just pay the mortgage on her dad’s place? It’s not like her mom probably can even afford it!