Whitney Houston: Bobby Spit On Me, In My Face

September 14, 2009 By:
Whitney Houston: Bobby Spit On Me, In My Face

Whitney Houston bombshell interview with Oprah is set to air later this afternoon, and it's sure to be a jaw dropper.

In the interview, that Oprah calls "the most anticipated music interview of the decade," Whitney confessed that she was emotionally abused by ex hubby Bobby Brown.

"He spit on me, in my face" and left me "very hurt, very angry," Whitney told Oprah. "But he got hit on the head three times by me," Whitney added.

Whitney said that she finally realized how bad the relationship was when her mother intervened. "[My mother] said, 'I'm not losing you to the world. I'm not losing you to Satan. ... I want my daughter back.'"

Her mother added, "[My mother] said, 'If you move, Bobby, they're gonna take you down. Don't you make one move.' And he stood there like -- he was scared."

Whitney added, "He had such hate in his eyes for me, because I loved him so much." She even recalled Bobby cutting her head off in pictures and drawing 'evil eyes' on their bedroom walls with spray paint. Psycho!

The show will air later this afternoon. It's a season premiere you won't want to miss!