Video: See Whitney Houston in Her Final Film, "Sparkle"

April 2, 2012 By:
Video: See Whitney Houston in Her Final Film,

Whitney Houston was set to make a comeback before her untimely death, including starring in a new musical film called “Sparkle.” The trailer for the flick was just released this morning.

“Sparkle” not to be confused with the Mariah Carey flick, “Glitter,” stars Jordin Sparks as a young singer who goes by the name “Sparkle” and Whitney plays her mother, a one-time singer who never reached her full potential.

The film is a remake of the 1976 film and sees Jordin Sparks character try to make it as a singer with her sisters in the Motown-era while juggling a new romance with her music manager and dealing with their newfound fame and drug addiction. Sounds like “Dreamgirls” to me.

Producers said that Whitney was a complete professional on set during filming, and the movie and Whitney’s performance looks really good. This was also Whitney’s first big role since her breakout performance in “The Bodyguard” nearly 20 years ago.

Jordin Sparks talks up Whitney’s involvement in the film, “It was definitely her baby,” Sparks told MTV, “You could see the pride on her face when we wrapped. She was so excited that this was finally happening. Even before she passed I wanted to be able to represent this movie in a way that would honor her and respect her, because she worked so hard on it.”

“Sparkle” is scheduled to be released on August 17.

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