Report: Few Pills At the Scene of Whitney Houston's Death

February 13, 2012 By:
Report: Few Pills At the Scene of Whitney Houston's Death

The cause of Whitney Houston’s death has not yet been determined, but law enforcement sources are revealing details surrounding the tragedy.

According to TMZ, multiple medicine bottles were found in the Beverly Hilton hotel room where Whitney passed away, but law enforcement sources tell them there were not a lot of pills on the scene.

Among those pills were ibuprofen, Xanax (anti-anxiety), Midol, amoxicillin (for treating bacterial infections), and more. The amoxicillin was reportedly prescribed recently because Whitney was suffering from a sore throat.
TMZ says some of the pills were old, issued in 2011, but some of the bottles were from 2012. Those bottles did not contain a lot of pills.

Sources say that some of the prescriptions were filled at the infamous Mickey Fine pharmacy in Beverly Hills, the same place where Michael Jackson had various prescriptions filled.

TMZ also reports that Whitney could’ve suffered a heart attack:

“Law enforcement sources tell us ... it's possible Whitney suffered a heart attack caused by an adverse reaction to her medication, but it is simply too early to make an official call on the cause of death.”

The Los Angeles Coroner’s Office has removed the hold on Whitney’s body, so now her family can have Whitney transported back to Atlanta, where the singer will be buried.

Singer Kelly Price said that Whitney was “upbeat and joyful” two days before her death.

"She did not seem disheveled,” Price said. “She was dancing, she was laughing. ... We were having a good time.”