Report: Bobby Brown Wants Bobbi Kristina To Go To Rehab

February 20, 2012 By:
Report: Bobby Brown Wants Bobbi Kristina To Go To Rehab

While the world lost a legend with Whitney Houston’s tragic death, Bobbi Kristina lost a mother. And the young girl has reportedly been on a downward spiral, which resulting in two hospitalizations in twelve hours.

Rumors also surfaced that Bobbi Kristina went missing shortly after her mother’s heartfelt “home going” ceremony. Now, sources are claiming that Bobby Brown, Kristina’s father, is concerned about her and urging her to go to rehab.

"Bobby told family friends that he's really worried about Bobbi Kristina," a source close to the singer told

"He knows that she is devastated about her mother dying and he doesn't think that she is handling the situation well at all. Bobby is afraid of what is going to happen to Krissy if she doesn't get some help - the last thing he wants is for another tragedy.”

TMZ has reported that the Houston family thinks Bobby is to blame for Whitney’s ongoing struggle with addiction. The site also reported that the Houston family, particularly Cissy Houston, did not trust Bobby and believed he was trying to get close to Bobbi Kristina because of the inheritance from Whitney. Brown left the singer’s funeral early after seating arrangements became an issue.

The source continued: "Krissy has taken her mother's death really hard, not surprisingly, and Bobby is terrified she's going to do something stupid. He wants her in a treatment center, getting professional help to get her through the grieving process without falling back on alcohol or drugs to mask her pain."