Ray J: I Didn't Know Whitney Was Doing Coke

March 23, 2012 By:
Ray J: I Didn't Know Whitney Was Doing Coke

Yesterday Whitney Houston's official cause of death was released and the coroner's office revealed that she was a "chronic" cocaine user. Apparently, people pointed fingers at Ray J, accusing him of being Whitney's enabler.

Ray J's rep told TMZ that the singer had no idea that Whitney was using cocaine again.

Leolah Brown, Bobby Brown's sister, went on TV Thursday night to suggest that Ray J was to blame for Whitney's death. According to TMZ: "Ray J says the claim is absolute B.S."

Whitney's boyfriend was apparently not even in Los Angeles, where she died, on the night of the tragedy. He was in San Diego.

Meanwhile, sources connected to Whitney say there was a reason authorities didn’t find cocaine in the hotel room before they arrived—it was removed.

Apparently, an individual removed all traces of the drug from the hotel room right before authorities arrived. The Coroner's Office says Whitney used cocaine "immediately prior to her collapse." The individual who allegedly removed the cocaine was also the person who supplied it to Whitney, according to TMZ's source.

Other items were also removed from the room, including bed sheets. The Beverly Hills Police Department said the investigation is not closed, but they would not comment on whether they're investigating evidence tampering.

Coroner Chief Craig Harvey held a news conference yesterday in which he revealed that Whitney's toxicology results suggested she was a "chronic" cocaine user, and her arteries experienced a 60% narrowing. TMZ says that is "a direct result of the chronic cocaine use."

Harvey says the artery constriction led Whitney to have a cardiac event right before she died.