'Glee' Is Dedicating Their Valentine's Day Episode to Whitney Houston

February 13, 2012 By:
'Glee' Is Dedicating Their Valentine's Day Episode to Whitney Houston

Everyone’s favorite TV-musical, ‘Glee’ is planning to show some love to Whitney Houston on Valentine’s Day.

A rep for 20th Century, the studio that produces ‘Glee,’ said:
"Purely coincidentally, the episode contains Mercedes (Amber Riley) singing 'I Will Always Love You,' the Dolly Parton song Houston made famous in 'The Bodyguard'. The producers have decided to dedicate the episode to Houston's memory with a card in the end credits."

Amber Riley met Houston two days before her death, last Thursday:
"I didn't need her to take a picture with me. I didn't need an autograph,” Riley said. “The fact that she even acknowledged that I was standing there was enough for me," she said.

Amber said that upon hearing the news: “I was very broken up. My dad actually called me and told me. He was like, 'Are you driving because I'll need you to pull over,' because he knows how much I love Whitney Houston."

Indeed, all of ‘Glee’s stars were saddened upon hearing the news.
Lea Michele Tweeted: "I'm speechless. Such sad news about Whitney Houston..."

Kevin McHale shared her sentiment, Tweeting: “It’s incredible the impact one voice can have. Whitney, you changed so much. A true icon.”

Naya Rivera said: “Oh my gosh. I’m speechless. R.I.P. Whitney Houston.”
Chris Cofler wrote: “Whitney Houston #IWillAlwaysLoveYou.”

Amber wrote: “I can’t even breathe right now. Not Whitney. I’m in tears right now.” She continued: “I’m glad now that I got to meet you and thank you for your beautiful music.”