Funeral Home Owner Denies Leaking Whitney Houston Casket Photo

February 24, 2012 By:
Funeral Home Owner Denies Leaking Whitney Houston Casket Photo

Today reports surfaced that Whitney Houston’s mom, Cissy Houston, wants funeral staff to take lie detector tests over whether they released Whitney’s casket photo to the National Enquirer. Now, the owner of Whigham Funeral Home is denying that she or anyone on her staff took the photo.

Carolyn Whigham says she’s “horrified” by the speculation that her funeral home might do such a thing.

“We did not take that photo. We did not sell the photo. We would never do something like that,” Whigham assured the New York Daily News.

She adds that she’s “devastated” that the picture got out, but she’s also appalled by rumors that she had anything to do with it.

“Whitney was a friend,” says Whigham. “I’m the one who flew to Los Angeles and got Whitney from the coroner’s office. I did everything to protect her.”

She adds that Houston’s body was accompanied by security personal at all times, making photographing her impossible. The only time the guards were not present was during the family’s private viewing last Friday.

“They were there 24 hours a day. They slept there with her. She was never alone, anywhere,” explains Whigham.

Now, it’s even more of a mystery as to how that photograph got leaked.

Cissy has reportedly asked anyone who might have taken the photo, including family members, close friends, and staff from the funeral home, to take a lie-detector test.

But FOX News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro said: "They could bring a lawsuit and go through depositions, but you can't force them to take a lie detector."