Family Fears Whitney Houston's Daughter Might Be Suicidal

February 13, 2012 By:
Family Fears Whitney Houston's Daughter Might Be Suicidal

After Whitney Houston passed away on Saturday, her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was reportedly hospitalized after getting into a fight with Police at the hotel apparently becoming so hysterical that nobody could console her that they had no choice but to call 911.

Now, her family fears she might be suicidal and is considering checking her into rehab. She was also taken back to the hospital a second time yesterday morning with the cause being, “hysterical, exhausted and inconsolable.”

While “exhaustion” probably has its own wing in LA hospitals for celebs, Bobbi Kristina’s case seems a lot more desperate than they average celeb taken in for exhaustion.

Source close to the family tell TMZ that they fear she may take her own life. In a bizarre twist of events, sources reveal that Bobbi Kristina was also found unconscious in her hotel bathroom on Friday night.

Bobbi Kristina was finally released on Sunday and her dad Bobby Brown released a statement about her condition. He told Extra: "Obviously the death of her mother is affecting her, however, we will get through this tragedy as a family. Again, I ask for privacy during this time."

Whitney Houston was found dead Saturday afternoon unconscious in her hotel bathroom at the Beverly Hilton. Her daughter also fell asleep in the bathtub in the exact same hotel just the day prior.

Apparently, friends of Bobbi Kristina knocked on the door repeatedly Friday night but she wouldn’t answer. Finally, she woke up.

Sources say she was found in the bathtub on the same floor as Whitney, as the mother and daughter stayed in the hotel for several nights and all rooms were booked under Whitney’s name.

Check back for more details on Bobbi Kristina’s condition as they emerge.