Cissy Houston Wants Lie Detector Tests Over Whitney's Casket Photo

February 24, 2012 By:
Cissy Houston Wants Lie Detector Tests Over Whitney's Casket Photo

The world was pissed at the National Enquirer after they published a photo of Whitney Houston in her casket. Yet remarkably, ‘Whitney Houston in casket photo’ has been trending for two days on web searches. Make up your minds, people.

Whitney’s mom, Cissy Houston, is furious with the National Enquirer, but more so the person who leaked the photo. And now she’s demanding a lie detector test on anyone she thinks might be responsible.

The Enquirer posted the photo of Houston lying in her casket earlier this week, causing public outrage. Twitter blew up with people angry that the Enquirer would go to such lengths. Still, the magazine’s publisher, Mary Beth Wright, told Fox News: “I thought it was beautiful.”

The publication didn’t give a credit for the photograph, and they’ve been refusing to give details on who might have taken it. There’s speculation that the Enquirer paid close to six-figures for the picture.

Cissy reportedly has asked anyone who might have taken the photo, including family members, close friends, and staff from the funeral home, to take a lie-detector test.

FOX News host Judge Jeanine Pirro told "Extra," "They could bring a lawsuit and go through depositions, but you can't force them to take a lie detector."

CNN host Piers Morgan commented: "I think you have to think very, very carefully about this. Obviously, newspapers do print pictures of dead bodies all the time, but this one was clearly, I guess, published without any permission."

Meanwhile, Whitney is expected to be remembered in an Oscar tribute on Sunday’s 84th Annual Academy Awards.