Beverly Hilton Fires Employees After Whitney Houston's Death

February 23, 2012 By:
Beverly Hilton Fires Employees After Whitney Houston's Death

After Whitney Houston passed away in her room at the Beverly Hilton hotel, the hotel has fired several of it’s staffers for talking to the press. Also, I’m sure that someone who worked at the hotel must have been the one to snap the photos of her room and the beers and hamburger wrappers littered about.

Besides being a tacky move it’s enough to get you fired.

“The hotel employees that talked to the media were fired because they violated hotel policy,” a source tells RadarOnline, “They weren’t high level employees, but the hotel didn’t want anyone to talk about Whitney’s tragic death.”

Whitney passed away just hours before Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy party so partygoers were already descending upon the hotel as the news of her passing came out. Then cops and paramedics arrived. News outlets for the Clive Davis red-carpet event were already on their way and then more media outlets started pouring in once the news broke of Whitney’s passing. Basically, it was a total cluster-f-ck.

Unfortunately, some not-so-savvy hotel employees decided to blab to the news and were immediately reprimanded by the hotel and then later fired.

Note to readers: If a celebrity dies at your place of employment and someone shows up…keep you mouth shut if you want to keep your job. The 15 minutes of fame from giving a 10-word interview is not really worth it. Besides, nobody will even know your name, you’ll forever be known as a “hotel source.”

That being said, thanks “hotel source” for telling Radaronline about the firing spree! The gossip world relies on you! Even if it means you loose your job!