Top 7 WTF Moments From the Grammys

February 10, 2013 By:
Top 7 WTF Moments From the Grammys

In Hollywood, Halloween actually happens in February.

And that's because the Grammy Awards happen in February.

From jaw-dropping outfits to surprising performances, here are the 7 most shocking moments from the Grammys over the years.

Most Embarrassing – Milli Vanilli's Grammy Revoked: Let's start with this because it goes against everything the Grammys is about, which is music. After it was revealed that the popular '80s group Milli Vanilli were in fact frauds who didn't sing at all—not even over pre-recorded tracks a la Beyoncé Inauguration-style—the Grammys revoked their "Best New Artist" award on the grounds they were not the "best" or "artists" whatsoever. It was the first and only time the Grammys had to resort to such an action.

Most Insane – Chris Brown Beats Rihanna Night Before the Grammys 2009: Ugh, so this happened and it was the worst. Music's hottest couple Chris Brown and Rihanna were on top of the charts and world—both had been scheduled to perform at the Grammys in 2009. Then the night of they were M.I.A. because Chris had beat Rihanna less than 24 hours prior and it cast a dark cloud over the entire evening. Four years later, they've reconciled and the ever-heated conversation regarding the cycle of domestic violence continues.

Most Bizarre – Bob Dylan Video Bombed On Stage: Bob Dylan's an artist, a revolutionary really, that at first just looked like it was all part of the show. Maybe? Not? A shirtless yoga-looking instructor dude interrupted the folk singer's set with the non sequitur "SOY BOMB" scrawled across his chest as he did a very bizarre interpretative dance. Learn the moves here…

Most Underwhelming – Nicki Minaj Possessed by Roman: Last year, in her debut Grammy performance, Nicki Minaj put on a show that not even her church of Barbz wanted to worship at. The rap-pop singer wanted to show a darker side and it didn't feel as provocative as it thought it would be. Perhaps it was the song or the gyrating priests, but it all felt a little too contrived and been there, done that. Meh.

Most Surprising Collaboration – Eminem and Elton John Performing "Stan": Mired in controversy, Eminem and his controversial lyrics were a hot topic in the early '00s. Were they violent, misogynistic, and homophobic or were they art? Elton John threw his voice into the conversation, literally, when he accompanied the rapper during his performance at the Grammys.

Most Show Stopping – Jennifer Lopez in That Green Versace Dress:  It was a moment that has since earned itself its own Wikipedia page, "Green Versace dress of Jennifer Lopez." With the recent news that CBS sent an email out to artists asking attendees to tone down their envelope-pushing ensembles this year, one outfit comes to mind that was a literal show-stopper. Her co-presenter David Duchovny even made a point to step out of frame to let J.Lo shine in that plunging sheer dress that practically made her career.

Most Tragic – Whitney Houston Dies Day Before the Grammys 2012: The night before last year's telecast, legendary singer Whitney Houston was found dead in a hotel bathtub at the Beverly Hilton. She had been battling drug addiction for years and though she seemingly recovered, the toxicology report later revealed she had multiple drugs in her body at the time. It was a sad moment for the music world on a night that otherwise celebrates it.