What's On TV Tonight?

November 12, 2007 By:

Prison Break: @ 8pm

It's back to square one for Michael and Whistler, but can the increasingly desperate Susan B. wait for Michael to come up with a new plan? You'll find out in tonight's episode, which is the last new one until January. And speaking of desperate, that would also describe Linc, who'll be going after LJ again. Meanwhile, Sofia finds out some things about Whistler that are very disturbing, and it's finally time for Mahone to testify. If he says the right things, he could be freed. Too bad he's so strung out.

Heroes: @ 9pm

The audience takes a bit of a time trip tonight, going back four months to fill in some gaps on what happened in those minutes immediately following the showdown with Sylar. D.L. (Leonard Roberts) returns to finish up his story and show he went out a hero. Nathan learns that no good deed goes unpunished when he ends up paying a heavy price for his heroic act. And Peter is picked up by The Company, ultimately leading him to a meeting with Elle (Kristen Bell). Let's just say Elle didn't make the best first impression, which explains why she is so determined to find him again.

Weeds: @ 10pm

Silas is all gung-ho about gunning for the drug-dealing bikers who beat him up and threatened Nancy, but she's reluctant to seek revenge because of their lack of "muscle" and firepower. Instead, she comes up with an alternate plan that leads to a dangerous alliance with Guillermo's Latino gangsters. Overall, this penultimate episode of the season is solid and entertaining, and it's spiced up by the Shane-talking-to-his-dead-father subplot, which is just way outrageous!

I Love New York 2: @ 9pm

Buddha's back!! Judging by the group of guys New York chose to compete for her heart this season, the gal's got pretty indiscriminate taste. This week we get to see if her culinary tastes are any more refined when the six remaining suitors head into the kitchen to see who's the best cook. After the cuisine clash, New York takes a guy to the set of Nip/Tuck, where she's doing a guest spot. We're hoping she has a scene with Dr. Troy, a character on TV who also gets plenty of attention from the opposite sex.