What's On TV Tonight: Wednesday Edition

December 19, 2007 By:

Real World: Australia @ 9pm

Well as Parisa so comically said, "the honeymoon is over!" for Dunbar and Ashli as they bicker over everything but the real problem. The real problem being Dunbar has a girlfriend and isn't interested in taking things further, than there night of passion that is. Spoiler alert: while the Sydney cast is hum drumming away, the new Real World just wrapped on Dec. 11th.....and the new location is none other than (drum roll please!) Hollywood!! Going back to their roots like in New York season one, the casting called for professionally driven roommates. The cast will be made up of actors, models, singers (an American idol reject), a comedian, and a reporter. They were housed on a CBS owned loft that was remodeled to be completely "green" and environment friendly. Soooo L.A.! New season airs in April.

Gossip Girl @ 9pm

We missed her last week! Tonight, it's Christmastime in the city.... and for this holiday, Blair's dad finally comes home. Only Blair's not happy to discover that he didn't come alone — he brought his boyfriend, Roman, with him. This means Blair will have her hands full, as she has to try to get rid of Roman, as well as persuade Chuck not to spill info about their secret hookup to Nate, with whom he's vacationing. Meanwhile, Dan and Serena have a holiday with less drama, and more coziness, as they plan very special surprises for each other. And Rufus gets an unwelcome surprise when Alison's former lover calls the house.

CSI: NY @ 9pm

Here's the third installment in Jerry Bruckheimer's hit crime-procedural franchise focuses on New York forensic investigators Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera. Previously on CSI, a murder victim is discovered with traces of disappearing ink and an exploding cigar. The investigation leads the CSIs to a notorious prank seller known as Laughing Larry. Meanwhile, Danny probes a case that involves a boy from his neighborhood. Tonight, a much-despised hotel owner is discovered dead beneath an ice sculpture; and a woman is accidentally hit and killed by a school bus while walking down a highway in her nightgown.

Newport Harbor @ 10:30pm

It's the new Laguna Beach! Back from a short hiatus- and making use of the writer's strike- four new episodes showing the cast on holiday school breaks. Last week, we say Chrissy and Clay's awkward reunion after not seeing each other since they parted with Chrissy heading to Santa Barbara for school. Clay had been faithful, but Chrissy failed to tell him she'd been hooking up with a new boy from school, Billy. Clay went out of town the following night scouting schools in Arizona, and Chrissy had a party at her house. Her sorority girlfriends surprised her with Billy and his friend stopping by- she made out with him no less and Grant spilled the beans to Clay. Tonight, Clay goes to check up on her and see for his own eyes her cheating ways....