What To Watch: Wednesday Edition

February 27, 2008 By:

Men In Trees @ 10pm

It has been more than two months, so where are we? Jack's adrift in the Bering Sea and Marin doesn't know it, but she is concerned that he hasn't called. She's also fending off guys — including Patrick, who still has amnesia and is sick of feeling guilty about it. Poor Annie. Unfortunately, things won't get any better for her in this episode. Things aren't going well for Cash, either, and Elmo will find out why tonight. Meanwhile, Jane and Sam and Sara and Eric are entering into new living arrangements: bicoastal and celibate, respectively. Care to bet on how they'll turn out?

America's Next Top Model @ 8pm

The series relocates to its original home as the 14 would-be models move into their smoke-free New York apartment, an environment that is more suited to some than to others. Another switch tonight is the addition of Paulina Porizkova as a weekly judge, and she proves to be far more critical than the departed Twiggy, which is a welcome change. The girls take in some Big Apple sights, their most memorable being a visit to Times Square, which they see from the end of a runway when they participate in an impromptu fashion show. Later, the gals pose as homeless individuals for the fashion shoot. Last, but certainly not least, one lady shocks the judges with a stunning revelation as the first finalist is sent packing.

Project Runway @ 10pm

The thread of seamless drama was snipped last week when a reunion episode aired. Yes, it was fun to dish on the season (Ricky's crying jags, Chris' roaring laugh, Heidi's highlights and lowlights), but we wanted the Bryant Park Fashion Week showdown. Well, wait no more. Tonight the final clothiers gear up for the big battle in Part 1 of the two-part season finale. Up for the crown: Christian, Jillian and either Rami or Chris. (The latter two tied in the previous challenge and will face off in a pre-Fashion Week competition. The winner of that will then advance to Bryant Park.) Next week's conclusion should be spicy, particularly with Spice Girl and fashionista Victoria Beckham in the house as a guest judge.

American Idol @ 8pm

Is David Archuleta the one to beat?? "Imagine": When it started up, I was worried — John Lennon is sacrosanct in this household — but this was gorgeous, original and made Paula cry (granted, not all that hard to do). When she said, "You're destined for superstardom," I had to agree. The scene with him at age 11 singing for Kelly Clarkson was priceless. Watch tonight, with Amy Davis and Joanne Borgella getting the boot last week, there are 10 remaining female singers left to perform tonight. Will Alexandréa, Asia'h, Carly, Ramiele and Syesha be able to stay in the judges' good graces or will two of them be taking their final bows tomorrow?