What To Watch On TV: Wednesday Edition

December 12, 2007 By:

Pushing Daisies @ 8pm

All relationships have their ups and downs. After Chuck learns of a secret Ned has been keeping from her, the pie-maker sees his romance take the proverbial nosedive. In the meantime, Emerson tries to get Ned's mind off Chuck in order to focus on the case of a frozen insurance adjuster. Thrown into the mix is Paul Reubens, reprising his role as scent expert Oscar Vibenius. Oscar is setting his sights, or more accurately his smell, on finding out why Chuck's aroma is so unique.

America's Next Top Model @ 8pm

The ninth cycle of the series comes to a close tonight, with Tyra and the judges picking a winner from the final three: Chantal, Jenah and Saleisha. First, the trio shoots a CoverGirl commercial, after which one of them is eliminated. The two remaining gals then go head-to-head in a Seventeen magazine cover shoot and walk their final runway in Beijing. So, who is going to win? My money is on Saleisha. Early on, Tyra said she showed promise but just needed some refinement. Tyra loves the winner to be someone she helped groom, as opposed to someone like Chantal, who seems to have natural modeling ability.

Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants @ 9pm

This new reality show takes stage mothers and puts them where they rightfully belong, up on the stage as co-contestants. Mothers compete alongside their adult daughters as teams in an eight-week beauty pageant. They don swimsuits and evening gowns, perform talent routines, and explain their dreams of things like world peace to celebrity judges Carson Kressley, Shanna Moakler and Cynthia Garrett. Tonight they try making good first impressions on the judges — after sizing up the competition. It all adds up to double the fun and double the catfights of your typical reality show...only for true die-hard reality fans!

Project Runway @ 10pm

Last week contestant Chris suggested that Project Runway should have an official perfume. The fragrance: a mixture of tears, sweat and Chinese food. A pungent stench certainly permeated the workroom, as the remaining designers worked with outdated wardrobe trends, and catty tension escalated, particularly between Ricky and Victorya. But it was mirthful Chris, our old perfume friend, who was the worse for his wear and was booted. Will it smell like mean spirit in tonight's episode? Here, the gang embarks on a challenge involving seamless fashion transformation — and it appears a major drama surrounds Jack.