What To Watch On TV: Wednesday Edition

December 5, 2007 By:

America's Next Top Model @ 8pm

It was kind of sad to see our dysfunctional Heather get the boot last week. Although, I have to admit, I was heavily annoyed when she made it to one go see and managed to be forty minutes late in a span of five hours.....geez girl get a grip! Watch as the final four models (Bianca, Chantal, Jenah and Saleisha) move into a home in Beijing and learn some Chinese history from J. Alexander and Twiggy. Then it's off to the Great Wall for a photo shoot directed by Tyra. Also, tension increases between Jenah and Bianca when Bianca gives her rival some bad advice during a challenge that requires the models to change a traditional Chinese dress to fit their own unique style.

Private Practice @ 9pm

In the wake of the romantic shufflings of the last few weeks, where are we? Cooper and Violet are out, as are Addison and Pete, while Sam and Naomi are back in. We'll see where their second-time-around fling goes tonight. And we'll see where last week's steamy Charlotte-Cooper tryst leads. Anywhere but a psychiatrist's couch (not Violet's!) would be a surprise, so expect Shonda Rhimes to begin shuffling again once the holiday lull (and the writers' strike) is over.

Gossip Girl @ 9pm

As Blair, Serena and their circle of family and friends celebrated Thanksgiving in the Big Apple, we Gossip Girl fans had a lot to be thankful for: flashbacks, fights and reconciliations. It was a rough Thanksgiving to say the least. I missed Chuck though.....he was MIA in all the action. Tonight, Serena's grandmother has much to say about the upcoming debutante ball, insisting that her reluctant granddaughter attend---and find a more suitable escort than Dan. Meanwhile, Nate accompanies Blair to the ball as her friend; and Jenny hopes to go to the upper-crust event, but her parents would rather she didn't.

Life @ 10pm

Good news....Life has been picked for a full season! If you haven't caught on yet- check it out. Tonight, the conclusion of the two-parter that began on Monday — Crews coaxes a personal confession out of the real Seybolt family killer, which finally allows him to clear his name. Of course, there's still the mystery of who set him up, and dang-it if Jack isn't harboring the one person who could clear the whole thing up. I love this puzzling show that will piece it all together bit by bit.