What To Watch On TV: Wednesday Edition

November 28, 2007 By:

Pushing Daisies @ 9pm

From Mary Katherine Gallagher to Sally O'Malley, Molly Shannon's characters always seem like they're ready to go off at any second. There's a good chance that's why she was tapped to play devious taffy-shop owner Dilly Balsam in tonight's episode. Bent on driving Ned and the Pie Hole out of business, Dilly is aided by her brother Billy Balsam, played by actor-writer-director Mike White. A family dynamic shouldn't be too hard for the pairing to pull off: They recently collaborated on the White-helmed indie comedy Year of the Dog

Gossip Girl @ 9pm

Think Thanksgiving is so last week? Think again. Tonight there will be turkey, cranberries and an extra helping of awkwardness when Rufus and Lily find themselves sharing a meal together, thanks to Dan's generous but naive gesture of extending a Thanksgiving invitation to Serena's family. But the Archibald family dinner may prove to be even more uncomfortable, as Nate now has to face his parents after he ruined their plans by breaking up with Blair. Meanwhile, Blair will be dining on disappointment when she finds out her dad won't be coming home for Thanksgiving. Ahh geez...thank gosh the holidays only come once a year!

America's Next Top Model @ 8pm

Six girls were left on ANTM last week as the gang went off to China. As the girls packed their bags for the trip, Bianca once again laid into Heather. She just can't leave that girl alone! She said she was tired of all the girls having to act like Heather's mother but she seems to be the only one who brings it up. At judging I have to say I was expecting a more harsh reaction from the panel regarding Bianca's refusal to participate in the challenge especially since she wasn't even afraid during the gargoyle photo shoot. Of course Heather's performance was awful even when she got the special treatment from Mr. Jay but to me, an outright refusal to participate is far worse. Tonight the five remaining models visit designers in Shanghai; Nigel Barker directs the photo shoot that includes Chinese costume dragons and lions.