What To Watch On TV: Wednesday Edition

April 2, 2008 By:

Real World Awards Bash, Roast 'Em and Toast 'Em @ 10pm

With the 20th season set to drop in Hollywood on April 16, MTV throws a party in L.A. for all their favorite cast members from the first 19 seasons. Awards are given out in categories such as Hottest Male and Female; Most Hated; Best Meltdown; Best Phone Call Gone Bad; Best Fight; Favorite Love Story; Favorite Season; Steamiest Scene; and Biggest Playa. Rocket science, this is not. But this new season about Hollywood wannabes sounds like the old Real World (from back in da day) we all love and miss. Can't wait!

America's Next Top Model @ 8pm

The eight remaining models are divided into two teams as they hit Broadway for go-see auditions. The photo shoot also occurs on the Great White Way, but the girls pose in water, not on a stage. The gals are shot through a plastic sheet while lying face down in water. One model is injured and another one gets a second makeover at the shoot.

American Idol @ 9pm

Last week, when the bell tolled, it tolled for Chikezie and he went home. Tonight, another one of the nine remaining finalists will hear that same somber sound. But first, Dolly Parton, the country-music legend whose songs the finalists performed last night, sings "Jesus & Gravity." Also performing this evening: the Clark Brothers, Season 1 winners of America's Next Great Band.

Top Chef @ 10pm

The chefs were the new kids on the block last week when they dished up fare at a block party in a Windy City neighborhood. Soggy corn dogs put San Francisco-based foodie Erik square in the doghouse, and he was sent packing. Tonight, the cooks transform veggies into artwork. Will they be ripe for the task? Then it's the main attraction: The meal world, the real world and the reel world collide during a movie-themed dinner party hosted by cinema pundit Richard Roeper. Alas, one contestant will have to be cut from the scene.