What To Watch On TV: Wednesday Edition

March 26, 2008 By:

America's Next Top Model @ 8pm

The models get personal training from Tyra tonight as she teaches them how to express themselves during a fashion show and work the end of a runway. Each gal then takes part in a posing challenge, with the winner getting to work (in the nude!) with photographer and judge Nigel Barker (nice work if you can get it). And what would a Top Model episode be without a little drama in the house? Some of the posers become alarmed when one lady's clock keeps waking them up during the night, which leads, of course, to some not exactly model behavior.

Big Brother 9 @ 8pm

It feels like the winter edition of the low-rated reality series has gone on forever. It's been 49 days since the original 16 houseguests entered the compound, and half of them are still in the game. At least obnoxious crybaby Matt, the first member of the jury, is gone. Who will join him tonight: Sharon or Chelsia? Does it matter? Unfortunately, there is no one in the house as entertaining as last season's winner Evel Dick, who demonstrated again on last night's show why viewers either love him or hate him. The producers should bring him back more often.

Men In Trees @ 10pm

Have you ever thought about how a town the size of Elmo can support Ben's professional hockey team? It's probably not a good idea to try, but the story line gives the producers a diversion from weightier matters, like Cash's kidney disease (he's not getting better) or the depression Jack has been suffering from since his ordeal in the Bering Sea (there might be some light at the end of this tunnel). Tonight, Ben signs an actual star (Diego Klattenhoff) for the Huskies, a Croatian who's as temperamental as he is talented. But the hockey hotshot can be charming, and Annie notices.

Top Chef @ 10pm

The palate-pleasing series continues to serve up good reality eats when the remaining culinary artists take on more gastronomical challenges. On the menu: The foodies must dish up fare at a neighborhood block party, with chef and Mexican cuisine master Rick Bayless overseeing the task.