What To Watch On TV: Wednesday Edition

November 7, 2007 By:

Kid Nation @ 8pm

Boredom leads the pioneers to put on a talent show, but one kid takes the stage to make a surprising statement. Also, Kentucky natives Kennedy and Savannah prepare a Southern dinner, and it kindles a longing for home in one of them to the point of wanting to leave Bonanza City.
Last week the prize was washing machines?! Let's see what this week holds.

America's Next Top Model @ 8pm

Tyra shows the eight remaining girls some sexy moves as she teaches them how to model for a moving camera on tonight's episode. (Anyone remember Tyra's video they shot a few seasons ago?) It's all in preparation for a hot music video they will shoot later with Enrique Iglesias. During the actual filming of the video, the production comes to a standstill when one girl collapses from exhaustion.

Gossip Girl @ 9pm

There are many ways for a son to impress his dad. Getting good grades. Scoring a touchdown. Investing in a burlesque club. Guess which option Chuck chooses? Meanwhile, it's time for Nate and his dad to have the drug talk. Only here, Nate will be doing the interrogating, as his dad is the one with the stash. While Nate's the innocent party in that scenario, Blair discovers he's guilty of trying to steal a kiss from Serena at the ball, and her disappointment leads them down a rockier road. But it's smooth sailing for Dan and Serena, who finally admit how much they mean to one another.

Bionic Woman @ 9pm

Last week Jaime's girlfriends were prodding her to consider dating again. Jaime shrugged off their pestering until she was called into work to investigate the story. Hmm...dating again?
Tonight Jaime and Tom (Jordan Bridges) go to Paris on a mission to recover a list of Berkut and CIA operatives. Meanwhile, Becca ends up in jail, and Jonas must bail her out.