What To Watch On TV: Tuesday Edition

March 11, 2008 By:

American Idol @ 8pm

The real competition begins as the top 12 finalists are now set. Performing tonight are David Archuleta, David Cross, David Hernandez, Brooke White, Syesha Mercado, Chikezie, Amanda Overmyer, Jason Castro, Carly Smithson, Kristy Lee Cook, Ramiele Malubay and Michael Johns. Last week, David Archuleta, Brooke White and David Cross scored high marks with the judges. But will they be able to keep up the good work?

Beauty and the Geek @ 8pm

As the series begins its fifth season, you'd expect — as was the case last season (remember the male "beauty" and female "geek"?) — that there will be a new twist to keep things exciting. There is, and it's major, but the constant is still the moments of sweet charm in this social experiment disguised as a contest. In the opener, the nine men and nine women meet and learn that they won't compete as beauty-geek pairs — but as a team of beauties against a team of geeks. And their first challenge is to go to a club and get phone numbers. But to make it a fair fight, the women get "makeunders" so they appear unattractive!

Gene Simmons Family Jewels @ 10pm

The surprise and, most likely, the appeal of the series has been how far removed Gene Simmons is from the rock-star persona most people imagine. The third season picks up where last season ended, with Gene possibly on the verge of deflating that last requisite myth: that rockers' sexual exploits are off the charts. Gene prepares to go on Adam Carolla's radio show and take a lie-detector test to reveal whether he's really a sexual legend, but other things are on his mind at the time. As KISS prepare to take the stage for a concert, Paul Stanley becomes ill. And on top of that, Gene's dog Snippy disappears.

One Tree Hill @ 9pm

Recently on 1tree, what a quiet, uneventful little episode of One Tree Hill. Well, except for Jamie almost drowning. And Rachel almost dying. And Dan possibly getting paroled. And Haley saying she wants a divorce. Tonight, on the eve of their impending nuptials, Lucas and Lindsey try to help a couple who are facing problems. Meanwhile, three old faces return to town, among them Rachel; and Brooke has to deal with Victoria.