What To Watch On TV: Tuesday Edition

March 4, 2008 By:

Real Housewives of New York City @ 11pm

Bravo's Housewives franchise relocates from sunny California to the gritty concrete jungle of New York in this reality spin-off. Let's meet our privileged, high-powered ladies, shall we? There's up-and-comer Alex McCord; single Manhattanite Bethenny Frankel; businesswoman-mother Jill Zarin; real-life countess LuAnn de Lesseps; and entrepreneur Ramona Singer. The filthy-rich playground of the Hamptons figures prominently in tonight's first wives' tale, with Ramona (as well as LuAnn and her family) gearing up for a restful romp at the affluent summer colony. Then there's Jill, who sets her sights on scoring a private plane. Ah, topflight dramas with the jet set it is.

Millionaire Matchmaker @ 10pm

We love it, we can't stand it! Why do we feel so dirty after watching it? It's the new age brothel or high priced escort service that is the new enticing show. We are hooked as sometimes clueless men with lotsa cash try to find true love in a bevy of beauties. It smart and new yet practices a lot of old time traditions. In the season finale, Patti plays matchmaker for a Las Vegas businessman, plus a divorced talent-agency owner who is reluctantly dipping into the dating pool.

New Amsterdam @ 9pm

New York homicide detective John Amsterdam (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) has seen it all — and then some. It's hard to make his long story short, but here it goes: As a Dutch soldier in the 17th century in what was to become New York, he was granted immortality by a Native American shaman after being run through with a sword. He's had many identities ever since and will only begin to age — and eventually die — when he finds true love. The modern-day police-procedural stuff is pretty much by the book, but the most promising parts of this new series should be the flashbacks explaining how he has spent the past four centuries.

One Tree Hill @ 9pm

Dan Scott: Hate him or love to hate him, he's a villain who's an integral part of this show. His screen time has been all too brief this season, thanks to his deserved confinement behind prison walls. But he makes another welcome appearance tonight at his parole hearing, which both Nathan and Lucas attend. Will this lead to continued time in the pen, or a return home? Meanwhile, Brooke makes a return visit to New York and takes Owen along with her. While there, someone from her past unexpectedly resurfaces.